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Meet Your President and Founder

Hello everyone, meet Clarissa Jackson. The Founder and President of Boundless Visions Outreach, INC. She recently started a position in her dream career field and is studying Criminal Justice at Columbia Southern University where she in on the path to receive her Bachelors' of Science in March of 2024. She recently completed all the educational requirements in April of 2023 to be awarded her Associates' of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. She is a mother of 3 (2 teenage boys and 1 girl) and she has a passion for her community which is what makes her best fit for leading Boundless Visions Outreach, INC. 

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Her Purpose Behind Boundless Visions Outreach, INC.

Ms. Jackson was born in 1990 in Louisville, Kentucky but raised in a little town called Radcliff which was about 45 minutes north of Louisville. She was raised by her father, but spent majority of her childhood with her maternal grandmother and grandfather, and a cousin of hers connected by her father's wife whom became more of her mother figure as she aged. She found herself in a disconnected place living in the home with her father, his wife, and her 5 children. And by the time she turned 13 years old, she was forced to find her own way. She begin to bounce from place to place, she used basketball to keep her grounded but somewhere that stopped being her safe space. She begin experiencing homelessness and connecting to the wrong people where she eventually encountered the juvenile justice system at the age of 16 years old. God spared her and gave her favor to where she walked away from that situation. She graduated a year later where she was a wife and soon becoming a mother, she gave birth her oldest son Isaiah at the age of 17 and her middle son Elijah at the age of 18. After becoming a mother and a wife, she begin experiencing more trauma where she later became a single mother. During this phase of her life, she experienced poverty and homelessness, even gave birth to her daughter Breonna but this did not stop her from seeking success. She continued to work, but in August of 2018 she took a leap of faith to secure a better future for her children and enrolled into the Police Academy where she graduated 7 months later. After being in the field, she learned it was not for her but she was given an opportunity to work at Okaloosa County Juvenile Detention Center where she developed a passion for the youth in her community. She saw herself in their stories and it intensified her drive to finish school, but she didn't want to just stop there. Clarissa knows what it's like to be that misguided youth, that single parent, and to be that homeless individual with no resources. And it was because of those experiences that she created Boundless Visions Outreach, INC. to be the resource for those who find themselves in those same places she once encountered. Her goal is to provide a safe environment where the youth, single parents, and homeless in her community can have access to mentors and tutors, where she can help provide clothing, hygiene, and food to those in need. Her passion for this speaks through her words, through the gaze of her eyes as they light up when she talks about her vision, and her smile when she is able to help someone through her mission.

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