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Volunteering with
Boundless Visions Outreach

Be The Change That We Want To See

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Hey you, yes you there! Do you want to be a part of Boundless Visions Outreach mission?

Please check out our volunteer opportunities below. 

Support Group

Holidays, Events, and Group Volunteering

Throughout the year we do plan to host fundraiser events to serve the people we are helping through our outreach. Please continue to follow us for more information about future events. 


We also extend our volunteering opportunities to groups as well such as fraternities, sororities, our armed forces men and women, and our local college athletics teams. 

Bible Study Group
Teacher and Student

Mentors and Tutors

This could be both adults and teenagers, either men or women. This volunteer opportunity is to allow you to use your negative or positive experiences in life to help our youth, single parents, and homeless in our community come into our sessions and be guided into a better tomorrow. 

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